these 20 songs have followed me everywhere and they have helped me through homework, writing and relaxing. mostly instrumental beautiful songs but some with light song. [listen]

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Title: Summertime Sadness (Intro)

Artist: Lana Del Rey - The xx

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zodiac bitches


aries: angry bitch
taurus: hungry bitch
gemini: loud bitch
cancer: weird bitch
leo: bITCH
virgo: quiet bitch
libra: indecisive bitch
scorpio: bitchy bitch
sagittarius: funny bitch
capricorn: ambitious bitch
aquarius: crazy bitch
pisces: sensitive bitch

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Beyoncé saying “Onika” > The Beatles

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grandpa tell the story about how you sent anon hate to that bitch again

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occupation: inappropriate friend who makes sexual jokes despite being a fucking virgin